Stoneguard Satin

StoneGuard® Satin – Patented Nano Tech Stone Countertop Protection Film

StoneGuard® Satin is the ultimate protective solution for honed stone surfaces.  It combines all of the benefits of StoneGuard® Clear with a satin honed sheen that not only protects, but also enhances the look of honed surfaces.


Honed stone are just as susceptible to staining and etching from spilled juice, wine, acids or other liquids.

Stone manufacturers commonly advise consumers to use a chemical sealant or wax to protect the stone every 6 – 12 months.  However, they provide minimal real world protection from staining and etching if liquids are not quickly wiped up.


StoneGuard® Satin is the world’s first clear protective film designed specifically for stone countertops.   Utilizing a patent-pending nano-technology composition that is 5 mils thick and impermeable to everyday household liquids and chemicals  – Etchings are now a thing of the past.


The patent-pending technology is inclusive of a gas permeable design that utilizes nano-pore chambers to assist with breathability for all stones. This ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the stone being protected are not compromised.


Lab tested to resist heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit – Hot pots and pans will not harm StoneGuard® Satin


StoneGuard® Satin is comprised of unique properties that enhances the natural brilliance of detail and color of honed stones

Protected with Stoneguard® Satin    /     Non Protected Surface


The nano structure and coating of StoneGuard® Satin was developed for stone counters in mind that it will come in contact with food and liquids. The upper layer of StoneGuard® Satin has an anti-microbial layer that will inhibit bacterial growth.


Once StoneGuard® Satin is installed to your countertop, there is little maintenance.  To clean, just use warm water and a glass microfiber towel.  For more stubborn dried organic food particles, use StoneGuard® Cleaner and Surfactant.


Stoneguard offers a Lifetime warranty from bubbling, fading, discoloration, natural de-lamination (not created intentionally or by external force) and Guarantees your stone countertop will remain stain and etch free wherever StoneGuard® is installed.


How is this different from the sealants and waxes on the market?
StoneGuard® Satin is not a liquid chemical.  It is a multi-layered 5 mils thick clear film with an acrylic adhesive base.  StoneGuard’s nano-layers provide significant protection over waxes and sealants.

What chemicals can Satin StoneGuard® protect my counter surface from?
White vinegar, coffee, citrus extract, bleach, red wine, and a host of chemicals and organic liquids commonly found in the kitchen. 

I understand that StoneGuard will protect my countertop, but how will it hold up against the chemicals listed above? 
StoneGuard® is an achievement in nano-technology, which is highly resilient from chemical stains and etches. 

Will the film get damaged over time? 
It potentially can.  StoneGuard® is categorized as a sacrificial product that will naturally see wear and tear over time.   

Is StoneGuard® permanent? 
StoneGuard® is not permanent and can be removed without harm to the stone.

What is StoneGuard®’s warranty? 
StoneGuard® comes with a  Lifetime Warranty from bubbling, fading, discoloration, natural de-lamination (not created by an outside force).  (Excludes Wear and Tear damages.  See warranty card for details and exclusions. )