StoneGuard® USA is the Specialty Films Division of Prestige Film Technologies – a company specializing in nano-coatings and thin film technology since 1976. Our goal at StoneGuard® USA is to continually seek technological advancements in nano-technology to incorporate it into our surface protection film program. Our lab engineers at StoneGuard® USA focused heavily on two unique properties for StoneGuard®:

* Adhesive system: To properly adhere to porous stone surfaces, yet removable if and when the film needs to be replaced.

* Nano-construction: Engineered to be resistant to most household chemicals and food bi-products, which ensure long-lasting durability from etchings and staining.

Development of StoneGuard® began in 2008, 6 years before production was finalized. Lab testing of durability and etch resistance from common household chemicals exceeded 10,000 hours and more importantly, StoneGuard® has been installed into real-world test homes since 2009. The advanced multi-layered protective film not only achieves high chemical resistance, but also exceptional heat tolerance. In our labs, StoneGuard® is capable of repeated exposure to temperatures well over 300 degrees Fahrenheit without showing any signs of degradation. This means StoneGuard® will protect your stone surfaces from hot pots and pans without leaving any form of stain or burn mark.

StoneGuard® USA’s team of dedicated engineers seek the highest degree of production standards for manufacturing specifications. Our goal is to provide you peace of mind from the daily use of your stone surfaces without compromise.