Training / Certification

*To become a StoneGuard Dealer, one must be trained and certified.  Do not contact trainers directly as the program is facilitated directly through StoneGuard.  Please follow this link to learn more: 

Certification and Training

Certified Training Companies in Chicago, Boston, & California.  Zoom / Online Training offered for International Companies.  To ensure quality of installations, all Stoneguard dealers must go through training to become certified.  Please contact us directly for more info about training and certification.

Chicago, IL

Our Certified Stoneguard trainers in Chicago is a family owned business since 1991.  Mario Lemoncello is the founder and owner and has built his reputation in the industry through years of quality service.  He has been in the business of fabrication, installation and restoration of counter tops for over 25 years and provides particular expertise in this area.  Today, he continues to bring his expertise to both commercial and residential projects around the Chicagoland area (and out of state for larger Stoneguard projects) and contributes to the popular show on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network, Kitchen Crashers.

Mario and his team  is one of the most experienced Stoneguard installation companies in the USA.  Their expertise and experience in their profession and industry have facilitated a blossoming partnership with Stoneguard, which they now serve proudly as one of our exclusive Certified Stoneguard Training companies.

Premier Protective Films Intl – Northern California

Premier Protective Films Intl, located in the heart of the Northern California Bay Area, have been at the forefront of the Window Film and Paint Protection Film industry for over 20 years.  Through the years, Premier has garnered a world-renowned reputation amongst casual and serious automotive enthusiasts.  Their project portfolio ranges from multi-million dollar cars, multi-million dollar homes, to Stoneguard installations at Four Seasons and the St. Regis Hotels.  Known for their installation excellence, Premier have been installing Stoneguard on countless homes, hotels, restaurants, and other high-end venues for over 10 years.

Today, Wilson and his team at Premier represents us as a certified Stoneguard training company.  We are blessed to have one of the best film installation company in the world represent our products and helping to build our prestigious network of Stoneguard dealers. 

Boston, MA

Industry leader when it comes to Marble & Granite Restoration, Marble & Granite Refinishing, Surface Protection, Natural Stone Selection, Care & Maintenance.  With many years of experience under their belt, Stefano and his team have installed Stoneguard for countless luxury homes, condos, and commercial properties.

Their high level knowledge of the stone industry & protective products allows them to provide the proper protective solutions for their clients. Final Seal Pros is also partnered with some of Boston’s best Stone Suppliers, Designers, Architects, Builders and Contractors. .

After years of helping protect precious natural stone counters for esteemed designers, home owners, and property managers, Final Seal Pros is now transitioned into one of our Certified Training Companies in the East Coast.