The Product

StoneGuard® clear stone surface protection film was developed after thirty plus years in the specialty coatings and chemicals technology industry. Since the testing of StoneGuard® in 2008, the product has undergone a series of technological developments and breakthroughs in the engineering of nano-coatings. With these advancements, we have successfully matched applied science with industrial science. Formed from a durable proprietary polyethelene film, we integrated our ShieldX coating to this base.

StoneGuard’s ShieldX is built upon significantly improved nano-materials that are highly chemical resistant and enhanced with a UV inhibiting barrier. For stone countertops placed near windows, ultraviolet rays do accelerate etchings, so the UV rejecting coating adds a new level of protection to the surface. This technology substantially improves the long-term durability and protective capabilities of StoneGuard®. StoneGuard’s unique composition achieves exceptional heat resistance, which when installed onto stone surfaces, can sustain temperatures up to 320°F (the typical boiling pot of hot water is approximately 200°F at its exterior base). Even at up to 320°F, acidic food items and chemicals have difficulty staining and etching into the film itself.


StoneGuard® is Patent-Pending.
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